Secure Your Future Online

An article by Dave Plummer about secure your future online, website ideas, business online

Secure Your Future Online – Whats Your Big Idea. Secure Your Future Online, Organizations large or small have to find a happy medium to be able to survive in the bear pit which is the internet today, there is no doubt we live in a risk for reward world whereby the one who takes the…

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Keep In Touch With Your Contacts

Keep In Touch With Your Contacts – Or Lose Them. Keep In Touch With Your Contacts, well let’s start with an extract from an email sent recently to an investment company that is recognized around the world (no names mentioned). To Compliance, Jack, Nicolas, or to anyone that cares? Please can someone get in touch…

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Very Hairy Experience

A hairy experience, not an experience I want t go through again.?

Very Hairy Experience – Don’t Make The Same Mistake. Very Hairy Experience! just a funny one to add into all the get back to work stuff. I resonantly returned from a well-earned holiday in The Canary Islands off North West Africa and something happened to change my way of thinking. Firstly to the story, we…

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Tips For Retirement Living, What to do Next!

tips for retirement living, life after retirement, whats next, life in retirement.

Tips For Retirement Living – Whats For You Next? Tips For Retirement Living, retirement comes to us all one day, which can leave enormous voids in your life if you do not plan or find something to occupy your mind. All be I have a little way to go, Life, Retirement, Next, I am planning…

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Are You The Next Big Entrepreneur

the next big entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, mentoring, tutorials

Are You The Next Big Entrepreneur – Let’s Make It Big. Are You The Next Big Entrepreneur is a fabulous opportunity, this opportunity gives your business idea the very best chance to get it into launch or expansion mode. At Six Figure Mentors, we are here to help even if your idea is still on…

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Small Business Mentorship Programs

small business mentorship programs, mentoring is the way forward, life menyors.

Small Business Mentorship Programs – This is The Way Forward! Small Business Mentorship Programs, online and offline marketing has been quite a challenge, some of my causes for being offline are of my own doing with personal and family challenges keeping me from blogging away. I wrote an article about procrastination, O Boy have I…

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Traveling With Little Or No Money

traveling with little or no money

Traveling With Little Or No Money – Yes it Can Be Done. Traveling With Little Or No Money, well where do we begin, sat here on a barely sunny day in the North East of England! It gets you thinking why the hell are we not sat on a beach in more sunnier climates, taking…

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You Can Make Any Choice You Want

you can make any choice you want, life changing, choices in life, its all about choices.

You Can Make Any Choice You Want – What Choice Will You Make. You Can Make Any Choice You Want, real life seems quite simple but in reality, if you cant work or become unemployed, what happens? Well, a spot on the Dole Que is more than likely a heavy candidate, well to me that…

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The Baby Boomers Generation

the baby boomers generation

The Baby Boomers Generation – You Can Bring Change to Your Life. The Baby Boomers Generation, well yep I’m back, so here is a little bit about Me, I am from the baby boomer years, never heard of it? Well what are the baby boomer years, I am from that period back 50/60’s where the…

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The Social Media Bubble

the social media bubble

The Social Media Bubble – Do We Need IT Or Are We Stuck With It. The Social Media Bubble, is it a fact nowadays of the quick buck society we live in today and the garbage spewed out from Facebook or social media in general? Let me say that as of late I have found…

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