Is Victory In Sight

is victory in sight, bring back the good old days, happy days

Is Victory In Sight – Let’s Be A Winner! Is Victory In Sight, It has been a journey which I have found difficult to get to the other side, so let’s start, I am like many home business owners up against the minefield of information, money pressure, job pressure and in general family life, or in…

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Innovative Small Business Ideas

innovative, small business ideas

Innovative Small Business Ideas – Where Does The Inspiration Comes From? Innovative Small Business Ideas, looking for inspiration is strange and at the same time a wonderful place to find yourself immersed in. Let’s look at the word Inspiration, what do you do for your inspiration? As we all make way through life to get the…

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How Do You Stop Procrastinating

how do you stop procrastinating

How Do You Stop Procrastinating – Well I’m The World Champion! How Do You Stop Procrastinating, watch this video and see how long you will take to do something about your on hold life, how long will it take you to stop blaming you, money, I’ll do it tomorrow, just stop right there, you can’t…

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Courage With Perseverance!

Courage With Perseverance – A Story Of Sublime Inspiration! Courage With Perseverance, please read this if you have any doubt in yourself, it has inspired me and I hope it does you, perseverance is the key. This is one of the Best stories ever told in Hollywood. His name is Sylvester Stallone, one of the greatest…

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Business Holidays Use This Time For Inspiration!

Business Holidays – A Great Time to Unwind And Relax Business Holidays, so what have holidays got to do with business? well, that’s a great question. The way I look at it as a mere mortal working for “The Boss” you only have around 22 days to enjoy holidays, whether these are taken in your…

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Website Business Ideas Make Money

website business, online marketing, trade online.

Website Business Ideas Make Money – Knowledge And Wealth Go Hand in Hand! Website business ideas make money, I am of the opinion that every human being is born for a specific reason, unbelievably 95% of us will probably never know what this is. I also believe that knowledge and wealth go hand in hand! There are…

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Do It Today Not Tomorrow!

do it today not tomorrow, procrastination, don't think, your own mind

Do It Today Not Tomorrow – Tomorrow May Never Turn Up? Do it today not tomorrow, I am going to start with a statement or a “Thought for Today”, it is from the Great Henry Ford. “Procrastination is the Thief of all Time” I am sure not many of us will understand Procrastination, well let…

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Have a Strong Desire to Achieve Something

Have a strong desire to achieve something

Have A Strong Desire To Achieve Something – A Small Change Can Make All The Difference! Have a Strong Desire to Achieve Something, we are living I an extremely strange world, in addition, seeing challenges like none I have seen in my life, ever. I go on to Brexit in the UK, police have been…

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Slave to Someone Else Dream

slave to someone else dream

Slave To Someone Else Dream – Dream Big And One Day It May Just Happen! Slave to Someone Else Dream, don’t be described as a Slave to Someone Else Dream, It’s hard to imagine how and why the effort interview became the normal way for any job. Exactly when did the effort interview become standard…

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What is Life Really About

what is life really about

What Is Life Really About – Well Where Do You Start On This Subject? What is Life Really About, where do we start on this subject? Life is for some a wonderful place where they can be happy and have everything in life, for others in the daily struggle it can be quite bleak, the way…

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