Make The Choice And Jump

make the choice and jump, sometimes you have to make the choice and jump, before you go movie quotes there will always be struggle you just have to pick who you want to struggle with,

Make The Choice And Jump – Opportunities Are Waiting For You Make the choice and jump, Dave Plummer will discuss ways of making the jump into a new World. Hey, so what heck am I talking about? So making the jump, well I will let you into a secret, I will not ask you to…

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A Burning Desire To Succeed

a burning desire to succeed, a burning desire to win, success breeds success, my key to successa

A Burning Desire To Succeed – Think One Step Ahead This article by Dave Plummer discusses a burning desire to succeed, I believe we all have a desire to succeed, it doesn’t matter at this point whether this is in life or business. To succeed we have to have an inner belief that we are…

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A Solid Business Plan Is A Must

solid business plan, why do I need a business plan, planning for the future, a failure to plan is a plan to fail

A Solid Business Plan Is A Must – And Why You Need One A solid business plan is a must, here Dave Plummer shows you ways to plan, and why it is imperative to have one. The best way to explain why a plan is an absolute requirement is, to be able to measure where…

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Finding New Careers

finding new career path, finding a new career direction, finding a new career after teaching, finding a new career after retirement.

Finding New Careers – It’s A Deadly Serious Question – Have You Ever Thought About It? In this article Dave Plummer talks about finding new careers, it is a question I have asked myself many times. Being a question many of us throw around our mind every now and then, this mainly happens when change…

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Problem Solving Skills

problem solving skills examples, problem solving skills resume, problem solving examples with, problem solving exercises solutions

Problem Solving Skills – Had A Bad Day – I Don’t Think So! You will find in this article that Dave Plummer discusses problem-solving skills and ways you may be able to implement them. Let’s be honest we come across problems from time to time, they are an inevitable part of everyday life, whether this is…

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Bringing Work Home With You

don't bring work home with you, bringing work home with you, don't bring work stress home, bringing work problems home

Bringing Work Home With You – It’s Never Far From Your Mind? I feel from my point of view, Bringing Work Home With You, work is never far from my mind. It has also cost me to lose sleep, has it for you? For me I’m an all in sort of guy, what I mean by…

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How Do You Achieve Excellence

achieving excellence, achieving excellence together, achieve first class results.

How Do You Achieve Excellence – What A Great Question – Let’s Look Dave Plummer How do you achieve excellence, Dave Plummer discusses where to start. Excellence, now what has to be remembered here is that excellence is earned, it is not a by-product. Some would say it is a product of success, success also has to be…

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Build Your Plan Today

business plan, financial plan, plans for the future, planning for future growth.

Build Your Plan Today – It Makes Very Good Sense. In this article, Dave Plummer talks about, Build Your Plan Today, I am sure I do not need to inform you that there is an old saying, ” A failure to plan, is a plan for failure”. Now look, I am not saying that if you…

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Unique Online Businesses

online businesses, online business, start an online business, businessman online.

Unique Online Businesses – Find The Niche For You! Unique Online Businesses, being unique in any walk of life is not easy, even more so on the internet. Finding the right niche or business avenue to follow can be rewarding and tiresome, but fear not if you have a great idea myself and my partners…

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Internet Marketing Mastermind Alliance

brainstorming, think ahead, mastermind alliance, honest partnerships.

Internet Marketing Mastermind Alliance – Having An Alliance In Place is Invaluable. Internet Marketing Mastermind Alliance, people often ask is it worth having an alliance on your team, well the obvious answer from my perspective is a big fat Yes. An alliance is a word you don’t often hear used, but to put it mildly,…

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