Apartments to Rent in Ibiza

Apartments to rent in Ibiza

Wow, this is the only word I could possibly start this with, Apartments to Rent in Ibiza.

Apartments to Rent in Ibiza, to say I was shocked would be an understatement, the amount of people in one place with the only intention to go and party, sleep all day, get up drink water, and you may find time for some food in between was just an amazing sight.

I went to Ibiza with my partner June to do some holiday chilling and a laptop lifestyle adventure, O yes this was an outrageous, fast, and at times very sophisticated, what I found was this is an massively exciting place were life go’s on at an unbelievably fast pace and rarely stops, when it stops I mean you fell over on the sand trying to catch your beach ball and your hang over kicks in.

Ibiza, stunning excitement by the bucket full.

Apartments to Rent in Ibiza, now the reason for Ibiza and San Antonio, we offer to our fellow opportunity seekers a lifestyle that allows them time away from the chores of the 9 to 5, we often come to very chilled out settings around the World where we can find peace and tranquility, you may say why Ibiza, well if you look at the image on this page you will see why.

We stayed for a few days in this absolutely fabulous place called Edificio Boas Avda Juan Carlos over looking Port Ibiza, with the Millionaires yacht’s and some of the most stylish and contemporary places to just sit and people watch.

I keep digressing, to the reason why? life throws us around sometimes and in directions we have no idea where will end up, one thing for sure is if you want to enjoy this sort of Life Style it takes a touch of cash and a lot of hard work. I would like to help you break free from the 6 till 2, the 8 till 5, the 10 till 7 you get the theme, I have inspired many people from all walks of life to take that step, make change move on and live the life you deserve and not the life you have had set out for you by the Bank.

Dave's trip to Ibiza and apartments to rent in Ibiza

Apartments to Rent in Ibiza

Apartments to rent in Ibiza – will you come along on the next one???

Personally don’t get me wrong we went at the wrong time of year, being the bargain hunter my lovely June is she picked the place and away we went, my advice to anyone if you want a real good time is do not go till the end of may as this is when most of the clubs are fully open.

I am not over exaggerating, if you want a real rave up then Ibiza is the place for you, we found an outstanding place called Talamanca which is past Port Ibiza around 25 minuet walk or 10 in the car, now if you want quality with a chilled out bay full of nice people this is the place to go, remember this, Ibiza is a beautiful paradise for most but it is not an all year round island, it has completely different weather than mainland Spain and is mostly closed completely through the winter.

Apartments to Rent in Ibiza

If you want any type of hot weather do not go till the end of May early June, I say this through experience, but each to there own, do your own intelligence and make you own mind up.

By for now, Dave P.

Ibiza, stunning excitement by the bucket full.

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partments to rent in Ibiza

Apartments to rent in Ibiza

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