Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring

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Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring – Some Times You Know – Two Hands Are More Useful Than One

Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring, I can truthfully say, if I had not had the coaching and mentoring from my Partners Six Figure Mentors (SFM) I would not be writing this page today, that’s a fact.

You know learning new skills come to some of us very easily, for me I couldn’t get my head around the techy stuff, this leads to me burying my head in the sand thinking I could do it, too proud to ask, or too stubborn.

Mentoring for me personally has allowed me to express myself in ways unimaginable a few short years ago, I now blog on many platforms, write about many subjects of interest to me and feel I have really contributed to others through my will to succeed.

Now look I didn’t say it was all “a piece of cake” if it was everyone would be a top-level web developer.

Why do I say this

Because if I have stayed as little old Dave Plummer sat in his corner I would have been stuck in the rut, fixed to the spot I had been in for years, knowing I have something to offer but just can’t quite find the correct jigsaw pieces to get to finish the thing.

Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring, myself I have found a great guy Mark Ford who is one of the founder members of SFM, he has had to be extremely patient as at times I have struggled with technology, it’s mind-boggling effect has often sent me to bed with a ragging headache and sleepless nights, I am sure some of you will assimilate with this.

Who are Six Figure Mentors

Strange but the clue is in the name, they are specialist mentors, information providers, teachers if you like of the very latest technology available to mankind, with regards to internet promotion and selling your products or ideas over the internet.

What else does Mentoring bring to the table

I think personally the biggest benefit is having someone to listen, someone who has been there done that and wrote the book, Mark my mentor like myself has had a wide and varied life, he even hosted Ozzy Osbourne’s 50th birthday no less.

The old saying in the UK is “two hands are better than one” this is certainly true within the internet and its complexities were sometimes you just need someone to overlook what you are doing so they can steer you in the right direction.

Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring – Don’t Be Too Proud To Ask

Dave Plummer tells you why the benefits of coaching and mentoring are good for your business, Read On....................

Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring

What a great term that is, “don’t be too proud to ask”, another one, “a shy kid gets no sweets” both with completely different meanings but in a way the same outcome, if you ask you to get help, its the asking that hurts sometimes, I am not immune to the feeling of shame, at my age I should know a lot more than I do, but I do know a lot about what makes people tick.

Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring these are really endless, the way I was taught in school was when playing football or goalkeeper as I was in my earlier years to play as a team, you had your manager telling you what to do, he’s like the conductor of an orchestra, your mentor who gives the best advice for no fee in most cases.

Of course all the above can only enhance your life if you have willpower and you want or need to change, bundles of enthusiasm and determination whatever happens you are going to see the light.

To this end I have a structured plan for myself, I have a plan in waiting for you that in partnership with the right mentoring can help anyone from any walk of life get out of the rut, dig a new future and get themselves on the road to a bright and fulfilled life.

To bring this to a close

What is it you need help with, is it website construction, marketing, personal development or just a nudge in the right direction, I can help in all these area’s if I can’t help I will know someone within the group who can help.

Life’s too short to worry what others think – break free, look out of the glass fish bowl – then you might just find what you are looking for.

Also have a look at my site: a fabulous resource with tips and help.

coaching and mentoring, live learning, mentor for success, mentoring.

Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring

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