What is Life Really About

what is life really about

What Is Life Really About – Well Where Do You Start On This Subject? What is Life Really About, where do we start on this subject? Life is for some a wonderful place where they can be happy and have everything in life, for others in the daily struggle it can be quite bleak, the way…

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Making Life Changing Decisions

making life changing decisions

Making Life-Changing Decisions – When Is It time to change? Making life-Changing Decisions, there are lots of things out there that get the grey matter churning, lack of funds, a job change, may be you thought the grass was greener on the other side, the plain fact may be you jumped from one fire to another,…

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Starting An Online Retail Business

starting an online retail business

Starting An Online Retail Business – Got A Great Idea? Starting an online retail business, this is something I have thought long and hard about, this came about as I was thinking one day, the thought that if I stay as I am, I will be what I am in 10 yrs time!!!!! This switched the…

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Build Your Future Online

build your future online

How to Build Your Future Online – You May Need Help? Build Your Future Online, that’s a great question and one I will answer shortly, you see once you are all set up online, once you have your niche up and running, once you have all the autopilot stuff right. you are good to go.…

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It’s All About Momentum

Be Inspired, Gain Momentum.

It’s All About Momentum, Lets Get Building! It’s All About Momentum, think very hard on this statement, as it will become central to everything you ever believed you could achieve. Momentum is gained by doing all the little pieces of the jigsaw, getting the little things done that build to get the jigsaw to start…

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Brainstorming New Business Ideas

Are You Brainstorming New Business Ideas? Brainstorming New Business Ideas, there are some fabulous business’s out there without an internet presence, you see many companies out there with little or no internet exposure, or poorly run websites, but if they don’t get on the wave of the internet they will find it difficult to play catch-up as…

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Finding My Self Worth

finding my self worth

Finding My Self-Worth – How Do You Track It Down. Finding My Self-Worth, I posted this on a friend’s Facebook page, it has a lot to do with self-confidence & the support network around you, I also believe this goes for your personal or business life. Let me know what you think? Beauty is in the eye…

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Is Life Wearing you Down

An article in Dave Plummers style on, is life wearing you down

Is Life Wearing you Down – Let’s Take a Look. Is Life Wearing You Down or  even overwhelming comes to mind, it’s all about balance I guess, finding a bit of me time if you are in full-time work, you finish work and then the kids come into the plan, difficult I know, but finding a balance among…

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Thought of the Day

Thought of the day, ideas for start ups.

Thought of the Day, Hey I have no idea what the future will throw at me, but I am ready when it turn’s up. Dave Plummer Please check out further posts from my Blog: Thought of the Day! https://buildyourinternetlifestyle.com/ Look out for my site: www.dave-plummer.com for lots of tips and valuable info.

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Turn Your Passion Into A Great Career

Turn your passion into a great career

Today I am going to share my experiences, and just maybe Turn Your Passion into a Great Career! Turn Your Passion Into A Great Career, Lets turn your passion into a great career, I want to help you Build and Live an exciting Lifestyle where you can travel, meet some amazing people, and visit breath taking…

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