Build Your Plan Today

business plan, financial plan, plans for the future, planning for future growth.

Build Your Plan Today – It Makes Very Good Sense.

In this article, Dave Plummer talks about, Build Your Plan Today, I am sure I do not need to inform you that there is an old saying, ” A failure to plan, is a plan for failure”.

Now look, I am not saying that if you don’t have a plan you are doomed to failure, but what I am saying is businesses or business people with a set out concrete plan are more successful according to statistics.

I am sure there are some who have bucked the trend but generally speaking without a plan it is a rocky road with no guidelines or a strategy.

Build Your Plan Today, why do we even need one you may ask, I know what I am doing, so why?

It’s quite a simple theory I have.

If there is no plan or guidelines how do you know where you are going and how do you measure what you have or have not achieved. Are are you getting it, you see if Tiger Woods doesn’t practice how can he ever get better and win tournaments again. The same applies in business if there is no plan to practice and improve why would you expect anything to change?

I am in a position to help you with a build your plan today strategy, I do this from my experience as a business entrepreneur and strategist.

Build Your Plan Today – How To Do This – And Why.

business plan, financial plan, plans for the future, planning for future growth.

Build Your Plan Today

You see you have to be focused. A plan isn’t a plan if it is not correctly and strategically drawn up. Remember this, like when we’re kids we all did air our glue together models, the jigsaws and puzzle’s, they all had instructions, a picture or a plan, without this it made it damn difficult to even make a start.

Build Your Plan Today – What Is Holding You Back.

Remember what the plan is all about, it is not only a plan for your business but a plan that could change your life. Therefore what I am trying to say here is it is vital that an accurate plan is structured, thought out and what are your goals which need to be in the plan. All of these factors are super important to the total life plan.

Build Your Plan Today – So Why Would You Choose SFM and Dave Plummer?

Being brutally honest there are a lot of reasons why you might choose SFM. I guess it comes down to this:

The Back Room Team.

Working with SFM & Dave Plummer does not just help with all the bit’s you can get stuck here and there. SFM support from the backroom team is second to none. You get all this within the system to make your experience with SFM as seamless as possible.

Trust Is Everything To Me.

What else can I say on this, everything I have done in life has been built on trust, all be you don’t know me and I don’t know you, trust is a hard-earned commodity and will not be taken lightly. Our quest is to bring you closer to us and then on build the all-important trusted elements.


I have been in business for a long time. With this in mind, I always plan for the “Long Run” giving my best advice or the best solution at hand. I feel a long-term sustainable business is a way forward, Think Big, Grow Big!

Maybe I’m wrong, but think small – stay small, let me know what you think?

Build Your Plan Today – Remember We Are Building A Lifestyle.

We are all wrapped up in the daily garbage that comes into our lives every day. We have to factor into any plan our family, family time, school, college or university, all these things are a daily grind and distraction to our business day, they can also be used as a great inspiration that drives us towards change, the 9 to 5 job (just over broke) that forces us out the door in  morning.

Are you ready for that jump? Are you in the dead end job going nowhere and no prospects. Are you wanting to find your own financial freedom through your passion?

I am an Entrepreneur – Writer/Blogger and Mortgage Broker – I want to help you in every aspect of your business launch or expansion – I work in every corner of the World – Jump On Board.

Thank you for looking at my post, see you soon Dave Plummer.

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business plan, financial plan, plans for the future, planning for future growth.

Build Your Plan Today


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