Business Holidays Use This Time For Inspiration!

Business Holidays – A Great Time to Unwind And Relax

Business Holidays, so what have holidays got to do with business? well, that’s a great question.

The way I look at it as a mere mortal working for “The Boss” you only have around 22 days to enjoy holidays, whether these are taken in your own country or abroad, so therefore major planning is needed and required to get the most from the time you have allocated.

So what are you looking for, fantastic beach holidays, skiing holidays, chill out holidays it really doesn’t matter what sort of holiday you want you just have to get the time and go.

Now this is where it leads to Business or Boss? you see where I’m coming from.

I personally like to find a beach recharge the batteries, catch a few beers and meet up with others, this could be in a beach bar, on the beach, just walking along the beach line, flip flops walking through the waters edge without a care in the world.

Business Holidays, what it also does for me is it is great time to study the waves, the wash of the sea rolling in around your feet, the sense of complete freedom, this is where I believe the best inspiration can be found, I find it the most relaxing place to be, listening to the sounds of waves.

Time Money & Holidays.

In reality we all want more holiday time but balancing time against money and the bank balance is a tricky time, I believe the only way you will rectify this situation is to Be Your Own Boss, now don’t get me wrong this isn’t a one size fits all deal here, there are many ways to do business and find the right niches.

Now this is where it gets going, holidays are times where we let our hair down, meet friends, party on the beach, those long night’s where the drink flows a little to much and then all hell brakes loose.

Wow the memories, the laughs, the time where you go off track and haven’t got a clue where you are, I bet we have all done that one, O where am I? ring any bell’s, it’s funny phenomenon that drink stuff, it makes ya legs weak and your mouth wide with verbal diarrhea running out of it at a rapid rate of knot’s.

Inspired thinking – business holidays on the beach bring out the best in you!

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Business Holidays

Business Holidays

Actually in most cases is a little bit of a cheat, yes we all like nice holidays and like me I encompass business with pleasure as I am sure some of you do, as you can see by this and my previous posts I am a blogger, a marketer and entrepreneur, their is nothing wrong in mixing business with a bit of fun as this gets the pulse going, gets the blood racing and a bit of sun on your back normally does the trick when looking for inspiration.

What ides will you come up with the next time you are parked up on a beautiful beach, where will this transcend your mind, what line of thinking will come through, you know it doesn’t mater how large or small your business is with a bit of inspiration it can go a long way.

Six Figure Mentors (I guess the clue is in the name) is really a mentoring business online, it can help you launch a business idea, it can assist you with any idea large or small, it is scaleable, it is grow-able and even more so it has the background techy guy’s who can to put your web sites up and running.

Free training by video and 1 to 1 training with a live mentor.

Initially you will receive a free video series to introduce you to our business, the video’s give a great insight into who we are, who the person behind the business and ways to help you through the systems and ways to expand your business or get you going from the ground up.

I will introduce to you a very powerful system, this will with packages within it to help launch, run and optimize your web site content, I really mean it if I can do it anyone can.

Hey guy’s let me know where your favorite places are around the World, may be even lets exchange notes, we might even trip over each other, wouldn’t that be fantastic, meet on the internet to having fun on the beach.

Until next time – holiday and be happy – who knows you might just find the next big thing!

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