Business Plan Ideas List

business plan, structured plan, agreed plan.

Business Plan Ideas List – No Plan – You May Fail?

Business Plan Ideas List, where do you start as there are so many facets to putting a plan together.

This is where we step in, Six Figure Mentors (SFM) are what they say, Mentors. If you are on your own and looking to put together a list or draft of your business plan together a mentor is someone who had many years in business with a wealth of experience to assist in all area’s of business set up.

SFM are not teachers in the sense of sitting in a classroom bashing you to death with useless information, the mentors here are ones with a plethora of business acumen, businessmen/women themselves with accumulative knowledge gained over many years.

If you are a new starter to business this can be an exciting but daunting time, this may also be a time where like myself having an excellent job (Just Over Broke) this kept me afloat whilst building my game plan, obviously the day you leave or hand your notice, it is the day the Dollars stop dropping through the letterbox.

So What Next

When I first started in business I sat with my partner June, we looked at what we had coming into the house, we started off with the very worst case scenario, what is the bare minimum we could live on. Then the plan can expand, as when you accurately know what is required t feed yourself and stay afloat you then can tailor which days you have to starve and other days you can live like a King.

The above may sound a little harsh but I can almost guarantee this will happen at some point unless you have a sugar daddy or multi-millionaire benefactors.

What has to be remembered here is there are no free lunches once you are in the big wide world, every penny counts as in most cases you are now spending your hard earned cash Life becomes a lot clearer when it’s your money you are spreading around as opposed to when in your job, it’s your money this time around and you learn to respect it much faster than when employed.

What About Statistics

Well per-say I am not going to quote specific statistics, but saying that they all point towards having a concrete business plan, without a written down plan and schedule how do you calculate where you are, what’s happening in the future, budgeting your cash flow and generally where’s the money coming from, also once the money flow starts who are your priority debtors without forgetting the little guy who helped you get started.

Business plan ideas list, there is a famous saying which is still used to this day, it is also a proven fact. A failure to plan is a plan to fail. (extremely wise words)

Now if you analyze what that is saying I am sure you get the picture as it really is self-explanatory, but if you look deep into its terminology I think it drives home the absolute necessity to have a plan in place.

A plan also then gives you the opportunity to revise up or down, you may have been extremely bold when devising your plan or not bold enough, having the plan played out in front of you gives a great overview of where you are and where you are going.

Business Plan Ideas List – Failure To Plan Will Usually Fail.

business plan, structured plan, agreed plan.

Business Plan Ideas List

So what does your plan need or consist of?

  1. Cash or cash flow, what is your starting fund.
  2. Will you require external funding (Bank, Friend, Venture Capital)?
  3. Partners, you make need them to outsource the sticky bits you cannot complete.
  4. Stock, the benefit of an internet business your stock is virtual, not physical. (I will explain later in this post).
  5. Regulatory requirements or the laws governing your niche.
  6. Insurance, public liability, (public liability is not normally required as the holder of the product would cover this).


Business Plan Ideas List.

As you can see this is just a snippet of some of the things you must give thought to, this is not said to frighten you but more to remind you it isn’t as simple as just get your domain name, put your website up and off you go.

With an Internet-based business in partnership with Six Figure Mentors, you will find allot the above complexity is taken care of through the mentoring program. These programs are delivered over the internet via short video tutorials, they cover everything from starting a business, expanding a growing or fledgling business, or giving a helping hand to a massive PLC or Conglomerate Giant, even giants use mentors, you know even the big boys with all there cash and strategic planning can get it wrong, and boy when they get it wrong the bomb goes off.

Hey, for now, I hope I have helped you with some idea’s, you know business is no different to being in a normal job, we all plan our budget, I’m sure some weeks are good and some not so good, but life is life and live it in the best way possible.

There are blue links throughout this post which enlighten you to me and whats on offer – its free to look and I welcome you to dive in and see if it fits your lifestyle – Thank You, Dave Plummer.

business plan, structured plan, agreed plan.

Business Plan Ideas List

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