Don’t Dream About It Do It

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Don’t Dream About It Do It!

Don't dream about it do it, Dave Plummer discusses ways to start the dream.

Dave Plummer

While I wonder how many people like me and you have woke up in bed thinking, don’t dream about it do it?

Let’s hazard a guess, it will run into multi-millions, getting up on a morning wondering what the day ahead will bring. Well, I am pretty sure it isn’t sunshine and happiness unless you have a beautiful baby who makes you smile every day.

I have been in this position many times, as a home businessman, writer-blogger and mortgage broker I have done many things in my life, some with disastrous results and some with big results. It starts to make you think about are there easier ways than turning up for work 9 to 5?

Don’t dream about it do it, when you sit down and write out your achievements and failures list you will astound yourself at the amount of time you have wasted in your life when some time spent on why it has gone wrong rather than crying in your beer would effect a repair.

Don’t Dream About It, Do It – Where Are Your Dreams Taking You

I have had many dreams in my time on planet earth as I am sure many of you have, I personally want to follow Motor Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and the likes, Motor GP, Motor Cycle World Championship, Valentino Rossi (Absolute God), Marc Marques and Maverick Vinales, all brilliant lunatics with a passion for their craft and a full on demand for speed, “I have the need for speed”.

Don't dream about it do it, Dave Plummer discusses ways to start the dream.

Don’t Dream About It Do It

Don’t Dream About It Do It – I Need To Make The Jump – Will You?

We are equal among others, therefore let know one tell you differently, we all may have different opinions in our lives, but that does not mean we cannot stand alone and think differently. I personally think no one will equal Valentino, 9 World Championships is some feat in modern day racing with so much power, these are some monsters to ride and most certainly not for those of a faint heart.

Of course, there is that horrible thing in the background, Money! You know sometimes things are slightly easier than they look, with the technology levels in place today day it seems that everything is possible, a flick of a switch or button and “hey presto” it’s done.

I have to be honest and say parts of technology drive me absolutely mad, as I said above about things working at the press of a button, well sometimes it looks easy on a video, but sometimes it just doesn’t work how it should.

This is where I looked for ways to get the technology which could get me out of this circle of entrapment, a partner if you like as I am 60yrs young and with a young outlook on life, but things do tend to wind me up when I just can’t make it work.

Don’t Dream About It Do It – Help Is At Hand

I have found ways to help with the difficult bits on the internet, a partner if you like, someone there to hold your hand when the alligators start circling at the detection of a failure.

When you have a friend at your side the difficult becomes easy, the frustration goes away and allows you to get on with your day. When I suggest a partner, I am not saying they will own any part of your business, it will be a virtual partner shall we say, they are at the end of a phone, Skype video or Zoom video call.

Don’t Dream About It – Do It – Let’s Do Something With A Passion

You know if you write down your likes and passions to find area’s you have a true belief in that passion it will spark new ideas, new thoughts that may never have even jumped into your mind. You see, till you write things down how can you see where you are, where you have been or even where you want to go. This is the best way to visualise what you want and how to go on to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

Don’t dream about it do it, in business, you will be challenged with many roadblocks, having a mindset and training may help with a great solution. I am proud of my blogs and hope you find them helpful and also that it helps you towards a brighter future, for help and more information on turning your dreams into reality click on my email below, and I will be in touch.


From myself and the team I wish you much success in running your business from home, in fact, this business can be run from anywhere in The World.

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