Financial Planning For Later Life

financial planning, retirement and inheritance tax planning, a comprehensive yet practical approach, circumstances and priorities change.

Financial Planning For Later Life – This Could Be Crucial To Your Survival.

Financial Planning For Later Life, In the UK England as a man we retire at 66, now I am only 60 so not as we speak ready for retirement just yet.

Hey, life is good for me and family, both business owners and children who have flown the nest. Now that may sound idyllic and in many ways it is, but I want to have a little more of the pie, shall we say.

Planning for the future is a no-brainer, but, as we go through the daily grind of work, money and life balance sometimes future planning gets put by the wayside, laid on the shelf for a rainy day that never turns up.

I decided some time ago all by myself and partner June both own reasonably healthy businesses we wanted to be fully recession proof, my business is on the financial markets & mortgages, June runs an executive cleaning and maintenance company.

Now both of these have been hit very hard, the 2007 worldwide property collapse caused by irregular transactions in the American money markets, now I knew then that we had to do something that made us as close to 100% recession proof as physically possible.

To carry the story on a little from there this left us both to find job’s (just over broke), now this wasn’t easy as most places were shedding staff not employing them. We dug in and within a month or so had job’s that paid the bills and fed us, this was vital at 15 stone or 100kg I take some filling up.

Financial Planning For Later Life, we made a conscious decision that we were going to self-sufficient and “by hook or by crook” we were going to find a way to do it. Now I will not lie to you, we tried a few things that didn’t work, this was for many reasons but mainly because I kept trying to reinvent the wheel. Now many people have tried and failed to do this but my pigheadedness would not let me ask for help.

My stubborn attitude was my downfall, I needed help as I new in the big world out there was something I needed, but I had no idea where to find it, eight years later and life flying by I bumped into a company called Six Figure Mentors (SFM).

Now don’t run for the Hills, Just Yet!

You don’t need a six-figure turnover or even six-figure profits, SFM is a technology company who through their unique mentoring approach assist people like you and me to build a startup or an accomplished business to greater heights than if you were on your own.

Financial Planning For Later Life – Having No Plan Could Mean Huge Financial Difficulty.

Financial Planning For Later Life

Financial Planning For Later Life

Let’s face it financial advice from someone who knocks on your door who you have never met and have no idea whats on offer can be quite scary for most, this becomes more important in your later life.

You will notice throughout this post some blue links, nothing to catch you out, this is where you can find out a little about Me and SFM, see if you feel it can help you with the direction you want to go.

What will be your catalyst for change, I have mentioned mine and my way of thinking, you know we all make choices good or bad, sometimes we are well entrenched in the rut of life, I may have some answers.

I thank you at this point for looking at my blog, please investigate some of the other links within, some great stuff which I hope you will find interesting enough to get you to come back.

For now good to see you here – if you need any help or advice it’s free to look – Thanks, Dave Plummer.

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financial planning, retirement and inheritance tax planning, a comprehensive yet practical approach, circumstances and priorities change.

Financial Planning For Later Life

Thought of the Day: Be happy in life, small changes make all the difference!

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