Finding My Self Worth

finding my self worth

Finding My Self-Worth – How Do You Track It Down.

Finding My Self-Worth, I posted this on a friend’s Facebook page, it has a lot to do with self-confidence & the support network around you, I also believe this goes for your personal or business life.

Let me know what you think?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but not always to one’s self.
Beauty is a thing of possession, self-worth and belief.
Once you believe in your self, everything else will become irrelevant.
You are beautiful to many, including me.

We have to start at the beginning.

Finding My Self-Worth, life moves along with great expectations, but attitudes of others can wear down this natural feeling you may own or feel you have a right to.

We need to be in a position of doing our best with our tools and knowledge to contribute to society, if this line of thought is followed then we should surely have a rewarding life.

Being natural is essential to fulfilling this part of your life, if you have been beaten by the system or feel let down you have then got to make some decisions that are uncomfortable to you, the fact that this is something you have considered doing has no bearing on the matter, its what you do next?

Let me give you some pointers as I have been destroyed by the system and friends, firstly never trust anyone, the reason I say this is in most cases we think our buddies who we drink within the pub year in year out are our friends, they are all our mates.

Wrong, they are exactly that drinking buddies, as the first time you need help every excuse in the book will come out, I’m busy, got the baby today, mam’s gone into hospital, have you heard some of this BS? I’m sure we on the same page, all of this winds you up and destroys your self-worth, let’s face it, if they told the truth and they were truthful you can deal with it.

Dave plummer speaks about an area he has suffered from, finding my self worth, Read On........

Finding My Self Worth

Finding my self worth – with good online start up business ideas.

It may sound stupid but there are many ways to prove people wrong, self esteem and personal well being have lots in common, these area’s are easily brought into the play ground, with a push from myself and Six Figure Mentors we have helped many people just like yourself to move into a lifestyle of great fulfillment, to rebuild that lost self esteem and get you on the ladder to recovery, believe me I have he tools on hand to pass onto you will will without doubt help you back to the road to recovery.

It is a hard road and one I have traveled, I have trodden this path as I have been in this position, feeling like the one left out, the outcast, time to come out of the shell, lets put you back on the road, get the juices flowing.

Finding My Self Worth

II am willing to help you build that self esteem, I know once you have made that decision to ditch the past, move on and build a life you never ever thought possible, self esteem and you feeling proud won’t be to far behind.

Join me on a journey of change, I am not saying it’s going to be a bed of roses, there will be tough decisions, failure and even the felling of giving in, I have been there believe me or not, I am here with the knowledge, with the experience and the “done that” book to prove it.

Help is close at hand – I will help you in every way possible – to find ways of “Finding My Self Worth”.

Dave Plummer speaks about finding my self worth, it is an area I have suffered from, Read on............................

Finding My Self Worth

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