How Busy Is Your Life

how busy is your life, how is your life changing, how your life can change, how is your life going

How Busy Is Your Life – Are You Being Honest With Yourself

how busy is your life, how is your life changing, how your life can change, how is your life going

Dave Plummer

Let’s nail this down, how busy is your life? Be truthful now, I won’t shout at you or chase you down the street.

When I ask how busy you really are, I don’t mean how busy is your day, I mean how busy is your life?

I am not also talking of The Kardashians where life is full of big breasts, whiter than white teeth and jet black hair, along with all the falseness that goes with it, they may seem real and it is in their own little World, but giving out false hope and a flash lifestyle is not the business model I intend to follow.

Whilst looking at how busy is your life you will be surprised if you sat down and looked at what you do in your day to day work/life schedule where you can allocate time to new projects and new ways of thinking.

I believe in being busy enough with no need to rely on others to look after me, but then thoughtful enough to be able to spend my time with the loved ones of choice.

As a businessman and entrepreneur, I have found ways to manage how busy are your life and its adventures. A great deal of planning is an absolute must in these circumstances, as with all changes in life there is a happy medium between moving onwards and upwards as they say and success or failure.

How Busy Is Your Life – Where Are You Going Wrong – And What Will Change

how busy is your life, how is your life changing, how your life can change, how is your life going

How Busy Is Your Life

How Busy Is Your Life – Lots Of Money Would Be Good – How Would You Use It

As the cartoon depicts, life is a constant battle over money and the lifestyle it brings, but we have to factor in the cost to get to the point where you have enough money. This also brings me to the point, do we ever have enough money, we see people like Richard Branson, surely a billionaire, Warren Buffet most definitely a billionaire, going into new markets every day, investing hundreds of millions of their cash into projects to make more money. When do we draw the line, when is enough, enough?

Think about this:

What if anything is in your schedule or life that might prevent your ability to serve?

Our abilities are all governed by our surroundings, all be we do not think we are steered by what we see on the TV or by reading a book, we can get caught up in the trap of a busy lifestyle, even though I am a fairly well-grounded businessman I can also slip in the pitfalls of media pressure.

How Busy Is Your Life – Sometimes Try And Look Outside The Box

Looking outside your box or surroundings is a great leveller, within a busy life, looking after kids, maybe a relation who is ill all distract you from making a life for yourself. Taking a step back and seeing what opportunities are really out there, yeah for sure we can all have busy lives, but what about a little me time, why not look at technology changes everything.

I personally have had some of my best moments of inspiration on the squash court, I also guess if I was brutally honest I have had some of my worst times as well, being thrashed that badly you would never know I have played for 25 years. Anyway back to business, there are bundles of opportunities outside the norm, it also doesn’t mean you have to be tied to the desk, doing the 8 till 5 working for a boss who couldn’t give a damn about you, as long as you do the job and shut up.

How Busy Is Your Life – Alarm Clock – Fall Out Of Bed – Hate Going To Work

Seem familiar, I bet you it does. I with some partners have developed idea’s that might just get you Out Side The Box, ways to give you a change of purpose, a boost, a change of energy, or even a full rebrand of yourself, it’s at hand and not as difficult as you might think. With a team of been there and done it fellow entrepreneurs in the back office, a blend of a multi-talented people dedicated to helping you succeed.

Let’s see if we can redress the life work balance through a different way of looking at life, now is the time for a change, the internet is bringing unimaginable change to our front rooms, our office. our way of life.

Just how busy is your life, with a few tweaks here and there we could help you down the road to change, maybe learn a few problem-solving skills. I hope my post has helped you with a few tips. For further tips and training on how busy is your life, please click on my email below and I will be in touch.


I at this point want to wish you all the best, it’s a big World out there, let’s enjoy owning part of it, where ever you are in the World!

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