Innovative Business Ideas

innovation in business, leading innovation, innovative design, build in innovation.

Innovative Business Ideas – Get Into Technology.

Innovative Business Ideas, we are seeing every day the pace of innovation and technology get ramped up, this is to levels that never in your wildest dreams could it be made possible or even turned into a reality.

Technology is at the forefront of every business, each business has to change to accommodate or they will be left in the wilderness.

I have developed a partnership with a company called Six Figure Mentors (SFM) they are mentors in technology and online learning.

I am a strong believer in having mentors by your side to help when the going gets tough, or even if you suffer from overwhelm whilst building or expanding your theme or idea. Overwhelm is a thing that can get into your mind, it can come at any time, day or night. It has got me in past as we all get comfortable with the way we work or do thing’s, and then bang change comes along and everything seems more difficult.

Counteract overwhelm by doing one thing at a time, don’t think you have to follow the crowd, don’t do everything in a rush, it won’t run away and it can be done tomorrow, all be we do not procrastinate and forget it as it could be the missing link in the chain you have been searching for.

Innovative Business Ideas, I will give you a recent overwhelm story, a true story and one from my own collection. I recently changed a program I used to manipulate and edit pictures, both my own and purchased pictures with a publishing license, I have no real idea why I wanted to change as everything was sweet and working well.

I guess I just wanted a new angle, some new and exciting challenges, but and here’s where the but comes in, this blew my mind as I was very comfortable with my previous program and this gave me a tremendous challenge, so much so it stopped me from my passion for blogging till I got my head around the new technology.

You sometimes technology can be a real pain in the butt, but if you don’t go with it life get’s very tiresome and difficult, this also causes backlogs in your work rhythm causing another natural knock-on effects.

Innovative Business Ideas – Small Ideas Can Go Massive Very Quickly.

innovation in business, leading innovation, innovative design, build in innovation.

Innovative Business Ideas

Never ever let anyone tell you it will never work, I don’t give a damn how stupid your idea may be, I don’t care what industry or niche it is in, if you need help at SFM we have the team to help, these are not business partners in the sense of a co-director, these a back team of excellent mentors who have been there and done it.

The main benefit of embracing technology is it will most certainly get you to where you want to be much quicker, more efficiently and with a lot cleaner transition.

Innovative Business Ideas

How do you manage current and future business challenges, well I know when I was starting out have a guiding hand was inoperative to me, that “call a friend” moment, stuck and nowhere to go, well with SFM by your side you always have a team member by your side, they have ton’s of innovative courses and tutorials all deliverable online.

Let’s not forget eCommerce – we have a course for that as well – if you join SFM we will cover all the basic’s to cut down in overwhelm as mentioned earlier.

In fact, I am not sure that we don’t have a course to cover most things within setting up or building an existing business to make it bigger.

I believe we are stronger as a team, we bring things to the table and the idea’s can build and exchange, grow with the experience SFM can bring to the party, coaches like Mark Ford, an internationally recognized writer and blogger, he just one of a choice of people who can work with you to get moving forward.

I thank you for calling in and seeing my post, I want to add value to any business, if you want an overview of where you are or want to start a fresh, look at some of the blue links which will give you an insight into where and what we do.

I look forward to catching up hopefully in the not too distant future, Thank you, Dave Plummer.

Technology can work for anyone willing to give it a go if you’re willing to move on I am willing to help.

innovation in business, leading innovation, innovative design, build in innovation.

Innovative Business Ideas

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