Innovative Small Business Ideas

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Innovative Small Business Ideas – Where Does The Inspiration Comes From?

Innovative Small Business Ideas, looking for inspiration is strange and at the same time a wonderful place to find yourself immersed in.

Let’s look at the word Inspiration, what do you do for your inspiration?

As we all make way through life to get the next chapter we come over some fairly steep learning curves that sometimes stand in our way of being Inspired.

We all see the Cristiano Ronaldo’s the Lionel Messi’s, Usain Bolt and many more, I personally get mine from past heroes like Barry Sheene, 2 x World Grand Prix Motorcycle Champion, Muhammad Ali, World Champion boxer, “fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee” what a saying that lives on even today.

The inspiration for them was seeing a way out of the life they were in, a goal in life, they looked up to their peers for huge chunks of Inspiration.

I believe that it is in us all to be successful and have anything we want if we do the right things at the right time, and this is where “inspiration is the key” along with strong self-belief!

Keep Self Belief!

I cannot imagine Usain Bolt getting where he is the fastest man on planet earth today, without Inspiration from his team and family members alike, he’s off like a bullet, and wow and can he go!

You cant tell me he made his own success purely by himself, no he had his inspirational leaders before him, he would dream of where he was now and where he wants to be, I guarantee in his dreams he focuses on the winning line, on a specific part of the track whereby he will not deviate win or lose (which he does not do that often) he will go back to the beginning read the story again and again and go back to the part that gave him that Inspiration to be the fastest man around.

Innovative Small Business Ideas, like us all I suffer lack of inspiration from time to time, it’s natural, but that vision of what you want on your wall in your bedroom, on the fridge, in your diary, get that picture of a Ferrari, big house, holiday home, whatever “floats your boat” keep the inspiration high in your mind, you will one day make it in the big wide world.

small business ideas, small doesn't mean it can't be big, think big, brainstorming new business ideas

Innovative Small Business Ideas

Innovative Small Business Ideas – can we find your next level.

To achieve anything in life you have to have willpower, now I can say that Will Power is something you build with momentum in mind, very much like top many professional sportsmen/women and athletes, they will visualize the plan/idea in their head and also see the winning line, do you think Usain Bolt could run 100 meters as the fastest man in the world if he was not focused solely on beating everybody in the race to get the gold medal, well running a home based business is very much like a race, 1st a great idea, 2nd you need to have a strategy, 3rd find your best niche market, 4th “do your homework” look into every piece of information about your niche, who’s already in it, where are your competitors, where best to market, 5th get to the marketplace.

Innovative Small Business Ideas, in today’s open playing field there are a fantastic array of marketing tools, choose very wisely on these as some can raid your wallet with little to show, “due diligence” is the key here, go back to what I said earlier and research your niche, look for people who may do a banner exchange on your website, swop links or advertise on their site in return for a prominent position on their site.

I have found in most cases this can be beneficial but will only happen if your business has credibility and a domain that has been around for a while, usually domains especially. Dot Com’s are generally not recognized that well by the likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo until the domain is at least one year old.

It does not follow that you need a domain relating to a product or service especially if you are trying to build a personal brand, what I mean is should you want to trade under your own name as a Brand.

I can with the assistance of my partners Six Figure Mentors help you get your idea to the market, we have the best  marketing guru’s in the business, we have the best techy guys in the business, we have the best of the best to offer you to get started however large or small your budget is.

Opportunity – hard work – responsibility – do the right thing’s and embrace your full potential! 

Thanks for looking in, I would like to leave you with my “Thought for the Day”.

Don’t let anyone knock your dreams – they only knock yours as they haven’t got any – they won’t kill mine. Join me and Six Figure Mentors on this inspirational journey.

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Innovative Small Business Ideas

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