Is Life Wearing you Down

An article in Dave Plummers style on, is life wearing you down

Is Life Wearing you Down – Let’s Take a Look.

Is Life Wearing You Down or  even overwhelming comes to mind, it’s all about balance I guess, finding a bit of me time if you are in full-time work, you finish work and then the kids come into the plan, difficult I know, but finding a balance among everything in life is vital for your own piece of mind and stability, I found it much easier if I had a plan.

Whats the plan?

Chase away frustration, when you can find five minutes, grab a coffee/tea/beer (yum yum) draw a list of how your day should go and compare it to how it actually worked out, this way gives you a great insight into how your plan can come together, how you can actually see the bits that cause Is Life Wearing You Down.

The next step is to tailor your master plan, take out the bits that went wrong or adjust the plan so this period will fit better to your lifestyle, when you draw down this list you will see better, see where you can save time, make things work better, remember this, a failure to plan is a plan of failure.

Keep refining the plan, adjust, delete and refine till you are certain you will be better placed, I am happy to discuss and help you through your plan, just ask.

As Muhammad Ali says below, it is the pebbles that sometimes destroy the way we are or the way we think, let me know how you feel.

Is Life Wearing you Down an Article by Dave Plummer.

Is Life Wearing You Down

 Is life wearing you down – find the key.

Peace, tranquillity and positive thinking.

Hey, let’s start with the day to day commute, I am lucky if the fact that my journey has little or no traffic congestion, living in a small village setting with leafy tree-lined roads.

Now look, as I said I am lucky but I have known the day to day drudge of the kids to school on the school run, the traffic coming from unknown places that don’t usually exist outside of school time, the traffic jams, accidents and hold up’s just when you don’t need them, I am sure all things we have all experienced either on A/B roads or motorways around the world, but there are ways we can reduce our stress levels and look at getting our lives back.

I am a believer in never giving up, in some of earlier posts you will see I have suffered bankruptcy, you would think that would be the end, but with my never give in attitude the day I went into bankruptcy I was on the lookout, new challenge and a total change in my life.

Hey believe me it was tough, but as the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” this is certainly true in my case as there was no option for failure, having mouths to feed, self-esteem to fulfil and just to get the feeling of winning again.

I have a few idea’s that might help.

Brainstorming new business ideas is a great way to get back on the ladder, yes it takes a bit of money, find some options with low entry costs just to get you on the starting blocks, I have these as well, a proven legitimate online business opportunity with everything in place to launch any niche or idea you might have.

I can help you get your ideas to the marketplace.

Is Life Wearing You Down

Self-employment is always a great place to be, for some they just can’t make it work, in my case I have also suffered business failure, but I think failure also builds inner strength which is where we sometimes need the odd push.

Finding the right or correct niche or idea is mainly down to you as it doesn’t matter if you are selling sand to The Arab’s or Ice cubes to the Eskimo’s, if that is your Bag or your passion then research, find the necessary information on that area, learn the market trends, the market, your competitor’s and the best platform to move forward, obviously a little of the hard-earned stuff help along the way.

Like all business idea’s, “there is no free lunch” business is won not given and the ones who seek out the best information and perform well in that market will be and are to be the certain winners, now look I am not saying that the free info out there isn’t good as you can find some fantastic resource’s out there, I would suggest using them till you build up your knowledge of your market, split test every idea, every advert, every idea till you find one that works.

Never Stop Believing – I Won’t & Neither Should You! Contact Here.

Dave Plummer.

is life wearing you down

Is Life Wearing you Down

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