Live by Choice Not by Chance

Live by choice not by chance

Live by Choice Not by Chance – You Only Get Out Of Life What You Put Into It?

Live by Choice Not by Chance, by the way, I do live life before Life after Retirement, isn’t it true, you only get out of life what you put into it.
The easiest analogy I can think of is, how can you possibly expect to win the Lottery if you don’t put it on, Many of us go through life thinking it’s going to get better, let’s face it, if you don’t do anything to change your daily life, why would you expect Life after Retirement to get better, when should you start saving for retirement, Right Now.
For sure you may have more time on your hands but if you haven’t planned retirement in advance of the eventuality you may find that living off the State Pension is not going to give you any where near the income you may of had in your previous employment, sad to say that this will get even worse if you live with a wife, husband or partner that passes away.
Think about these three words? lifer retirement afterwards, Live by Choice Not by Chance.
We are very lucky in the UK to have a State Pension Scheme which pays around £156 per week (if fully paid up with your State National Insurance) x 2 if with a partner, just imagine what would happen to your life story if you were living on an income of £600 per month with No Savings, I will tell you the truth, it will be damn hard as well as the emotional stress, where’s the money coming from In retirement age, financial stress is huge play on your mind should you have no other secondary income.
Can I help with a great business called Six Figure Mentors, lots of people retire and then sit around wondering what to do with their lives once the daily commute has finished, within this post you will see various blue links that will give you fresh ideas, maybe a new start, a whole new way of thinking, they hold various video’s, in-depth training and an abundance of information to help you navigate the internet and its growth area’s and strategies.

I can help you through – to live by choice – not by chance.

Dave Plummer talks about when you live by choice not by chance

Live by Choice Not by Chance

Live by Choice Not by Chance
Life isn’t finished after retirement as I can vouch for with my father, 87 still drives, plays golf and generally has a good life with excellent state and after work pensions.
I tripped over this whilst scouring the Internet, I think it brings home some of the things you may let influence your life, hey look at this and see if any of this assimilates with yourself, meanwhile let me know if any of these ring true with yourself.
Not by chance and live by choice.
Not to use excuses but make changes.
Not to be manipulated but to be motivated.
Not to be used but be useful.
Not to compete and to excel.
I choose self-esteem, not self-pity.

I choose to listen to my inner self, not the random opinion of others.

I tell you this, the world won’t change my
smile, but I will change the world with mine!.
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I want you to think long and hard, where are you now, where do you want to or need to be in the future, this is not a game or a race!

Life is brutal – hard hitting at times – but the reality of it is – If you do not “step up to the plate” who is going to feed you?

Live by choice not by chance

Live By Choice Not By Chance

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