New Business Thoughts

start a new business, build a business, start from scratch, work from home.

New Business Thoughts – Having Your Own Business Is An Escape Plan

New Business Thoughts, I personally treat hiving you own business as a real escape plan, an opportunity to have a 2nd income should your job fail or not turn out to be what you expected it to be.

Also, should you be in the fortunate position that life has been good to you through hard work and careful savings, this will also allow funding of any business idea’s you have to promote and get your idea off the ground?

I like being in business, I am King of both success and failure, what I mean is I have had some outrageous successes and some fairly catastrophic failures, but from failure grows the Phoenix.

The Phoenix Rising, what a great term and one which has become famous through films and TV, moving on to how do we get your business idea rising up, well the facts are that it is truthfully easy to promote a business over the internet, to set up and get the ball rolling.

I have joined forces with a revolutionary company called Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and strangely enough there is a clue in the name, they specialize in mentoring, helping you with technology and advanced software to configure your business for the best start or boost for an existing business.

New Business Thoughts, I am here to help and guide you through what some think is a minefield of information and sometimes overkill, we offer structures and different ways of thinking, technologies that are designed to help any business big or small.

We provide a learning platform where everything is done using technology. We make what you previously thought difficult into an engaging experience that I personally how found easy to use if I can use this idiot proof system anyone can. We are driven by technology,building a foundation around if you like going back to school, learning new tech stuff is the way forward, keeping up with the very latest info, keeping with legislation, Google compliance, all these come into the forum to help you transition through the pathway to build or regenerate your site or idea.

One thing we must take into account, there are hundreds of websites which are popping up every day, I am one who wants to be at the forefront of technology, remember this, we are seeing shops close, banks close, post offices close in every town around the World, I am sure your town or city is absolutely no exception, there is only one reason for this, the Internet as most transactions are done remotely through a smartphone or tablet.

New Business Thoughts – It’s A Big World Out There – Why Not Have A Piece of It.

start a new business, build a business, start from scratch, work from home.

New Business Thoughts

New Business Thoughts Lets face it we all know health is wealth, it is a proven fact that if you have wealth you can afford better health care, I want to focus on gaining that wealth so you can be wealthier and healthier in your mind.

I want to give you a health check-up, for your business and your mind, you know where I believe a lot of people go wrong because they don’t look for help, they think they know the way forward, now look I am not saying you do not know what you are talking about, but what I am saying is collaboration is key to formulating the strategy and the way forward.

At SFM we have online courses which have been developed by in-house specialists, they cover many subjects and are varied to make them engaging, they are interesting and rewarding, showing you technologies only available to people with website building experience, this now frees you up to be able to form a 1 Stop Shop launch your idea to fruition. I a few years back would never have dreamed that I would be sat here writing 1000 word plus blog posts, you can do it too and I will show you how.

We have speakers and workshops which allow you to stay current with up to date information and ways develop, we believe this removes the isolation factor. It’s lonely out there and sometimes you know it’s great to have someone to turn to who can advise on the area you are not good at, that place you have been stuck and trapped not able to move on, the link you just can’t make work, all these things we offer.

It’s great to write these posts, I look forward to seeing you in the future and maybe one day we will catch up.

We have many choices in life – many challenges – the biggest challenge is – when will change alter your life?

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start a new business, build a business, start from scratch, work from home.

New Business Thoughts

Thought of the Day: It is a Big changing World, Let’s be part of it!


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