Starting An Online Retail Business

starting an online retail business

Starting An Online Retail Business – Got A Great Idea?

Starting an online retail business, this is something I have thought long and hard about, this came about as I was thinking one day, the thought that if I stay as I am, I will be what I am in 10 yrs time!!!!!

This switched the lights on, why do we need a job? well, I thought this does not help in my quest to become an entrepreneur, a businessman or a game changer, so what can I change?

In my life, I have spent a lot of time with people who have guided me in both employed and self-employed positions, now I am far from stupid, but I have fallen off the edge a few times, listening to the wrong advice at the wrong time, what I am saying is, just because these people you are surrounded by are what they feel giving you best advice, this is for their gain and not yours as underlying this is their requirement for you to divulge all your years of experience to make their business stronger.

Starting An Online Retail Business, so what if I started to change the plan, gain the inner knowledge I know is out there, you here all the old stories about the boom & bust, the get rich quick schemes, yep they are out there to plunder your cash and fill their bank accounts, well lets look at the opportunities outside the box, I felt the most daunting things of looking to start your own business was the huge list of things that had to be in place before you even put the key in the door, premises, insurance, staff, vehicle’s, the list is endless.

Is online the answer?

Starting an online retail business, well yes online may well be the answer, with no shop front, no inventory and clients to be found all around the world online retail is certainly one to be looked at.

Well Maybe? Consider this, with online you may have to employ staff but from the Get Go you can be up & running on a shoestring, there are millions of great people out there who have great idea’s and no thought where to start, I have a few Fantastic Pointer’s that may help you, Waste No Time Look Now!

Where do you find partners?

One of the fascinating facts about the internet is how quickly you can be up and running with your ideas floating about the WWW at the press of button, now I didn’t say overnight success but the point being there is so much help out there nowadays with mentors, I have a company who I am working closely with call Six Figure Mentors who have some of the very best people within the business to help bring out the best of you, build your future online and proper from some of the best online trading conditions ever seen, achieve your business goals faster.

Why now.

As we have seen by the slowdown in our high street stores, our reduction in high street banks, stores going bankrupt, there are obviously many factors that control these changes but the biggest influence is online, I believe if you don’t have an online presence you will become like the rest, possibly even suffocate and die, seams tough but a reality I am sure can resonate within your local area, website business ideas make money.

starting an online retail business

Starting An Online Retail Business

Starting an online retail business – and begin the march towards freedom.

Starting An Online Retail Business, many of us are not blessed with a sugar daddy or wealthy parents, this then inevitably leaves us faced with the job situation, now let’s face it some of us love our jobs, some hate them, whats your feeling on this?


You know I am a person who hasn’t had too many jobs in my relatively long life, 60yrs young on the 04/02/2017, now look that scares the hell out of me as I am a fairly active sort of guy, I love to play squash and generally keep fit, when I can make the time, notice I said “Make the Time”.

There lie’s a 2 fold meaning, this is like in any walk of life if you don’t plan and allocate your precious time then life becomes humdrum and you bungle along doing what you did yesterday, the week before, I am sure you are getting my drift.

If you do not sit down and put a plan together, it may be just as a start to plan the next day, the next week, the next few hours, you see if you just wander around from hour to hour, minute to minute what will change, this where I think of the online retail business opportunities and for the greater good and family, as family is first for me.

Starting An Online Retail Business

I got into this fabulous business because I don’t have enough family time, me time, time where I can just say “O to hell with it I’m staying in Bed”, I will run my life when I want to and not when the boss or bank tell me to get up, does this sound like something you would like to try out, well you can bet your last $/£/€ its something I will do my utmost to achieve.

Freedom from the prison cell of work, freedom from that motorway trek and constant traffic jams, freedom from that train journey, starting to like what you hear, many have, come and join “the march towards freedom” at least take a look, believe me, you have nothing to lose.

Be brave, at least look, your mind has to change, your thinking has to change, change will come once you see the Goal!

I intend to build with you a business that is scalable – profitable – most of all provide you and your family security – I am sure this is what you are looking for? Get some ideas.

So whats the answer.

Well here is the 6 Million Dollar question, rob a bank (no sorry just a bit of fun) I am working with some of the best minds in this area, I will with there help give you the best chance to succeed using our tools and technology to build your idea as big as you want it to grow, no pressure, no bull with Six Figure Mentors.

Look Now!

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starting an online retail business

Starting An Online Retail Business

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