Technology Changes Everything

technology changes, up to date technology, new technology.

Technology Changes Everything – It Will Change All of Our Worlds.

Technology Changes Everything, we are surrounded by the advances in technology, things move very rapidly.

In the UK the government has announced by the year 2040 petrol and diesel cars/vans will no longer be permitted on our roads, who would believe that. I have to agree that something needs to be done with rampant pollution.

I would like to introduce to you a partner company of mine called Six Figure Mentors, a company at the forefront of technology, interlinked with internet mentoring and teaching.

A sound company of technology experts from the ground up. I guess I don’t need to tell you that the internet is growing at an alarming rate, with a knock effect on our high streets looking desolate, shops and businesses closing putting hundreds of thousands in the dole queue.

We have all seen the evidence of our high streets being ravaged, true not all have closed just because of the uptake on the internet, but if we look at our post offices and banks, these businesses were on every street corner here in the UK. Gone forever due to restructuring they called it, tell the truth you can run more effectively with fewer branches due to internet banking.

Technology Changes Everything, well there are a few examples above but if you analyze deeper the figures will be a lot worse.

13 Feb 2013 – Another 164 Blockbuster stores are going to close, Closed, BHS employed more than 11,000 people across the UK, 6 Jan 2009 – The remaining 200 Woolworth’s stores across the UK close their doors, leaving more than 27,000 people on the dole, the above were dinosaur’s unable to keep with technology and go online, I am not saying that the internet would have been their savior but it would have gone a long way to help.

As you have seen the non-ability to move with the challenges the internet brings can cause disaster and or total collapse.

Technology Changes Everything – Embrace It – Or It Will Be The End.

technology changes, up to date technology, new technology.

Technology Changes Everything

At SFM we would like to take on your challenges, we all have them, they just can’t-do bits without help. Technologies and development have made us more effective better manufacturers, travel is easier to book and fly, but the biggest change has come with connectivity, not a just a local level from around our fabulous planet.

Technology Changes Everything

I invite you to look at our technologies, you can grab these through any of the blue links inset in this page. the links are full of snapshots of our thinking and ethos. Throughout this technological development, you will see many of our backroom guy’s and girls who have grown with SFM from its inception. We focus on how we use technology to show you integration and how this could work with and advance your business to the next level.

A Comment from Ethan Edwards.

Following tradition, doing what is recommended by many authoring tools, and patterning one’s work after many examples in the workplace is going to result in pretty ineffective e-learning”.

I think what he is trying to say is that the traditional learning is basically “out the window” as if you follow the old ways, 1. you will be behind the crowd, 2. you will have difficulty catching up.

I have built my business to be fully future-proofed, with SFM at my side I will have available the very latest programs which I can then pass over to my customers.

Let me – let you into a little secret (this is between me & you) – Potential is Born out of New Technology.

We only want wants best for our business, we want happy customers and clients, this is the strength of our business where we fully focus on value for your buck’s.

If your product or service is not “par for the course” the internet will find you out, give poor or bad reviews and basically give you a hard time.

I must thank you for taking the time to look into my blog posts, below you will find other useful resources that could help you make a valued decision, Thank you, Dave Plummer.

Let’s finish here by saying – if you want to enhance your business reach out to find a helping hand.

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Thought of the Day: Technology will help you win, faster!

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