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About Me Dave Plummer

My Unique “Gift to the World”.

My Unique “Gift to the World” is that I am very honest, I have had my Up’s and Down’s but I can honestly say I don’t owe a friend (or x friend) a penny, which is more than some of my friends can say about themselves to me.

If you have Honesty, along with Integrity and Wisdom, I believe I can Win when Other’s Cannot.

Trust is Everything to Me!

About Me Dave Plummer - Wow Have I Had A Wide And Varied Life.

My Story.

About Me Dave Plummer.

I was born 1957 into a hard working family from the North East of England UK.

Being brought up in the North East of England was not easy, Billingham a mainly industrial town known for ICI, then one of the biggest Companies in The World, Doorman Long Ship Yard at Haverton Hill, we also had massive industrial complexes on the door step, Monsanto, Calor Gas, BP Oil & Gas, to name a few, with this brought wealth and prosperity to the region.

Famous land marks, The Transporter Bridge (The Only One in The World) Roseberry Topping, Newport Bridge (Another First) all from the industrial heartland.

Durham, Leeds & Newcastle all around 1 hour away.

I guess school is where it all kicks off, aspirations; I want to be like my Dad, a great role model, Dad, a Pro Footballer (when pro’s got paid in beer and days off work) working in the ship yard to feed the family, to being picked up in what you could call a coach and dragged to the next game.

This was the era when Men where Men, none of these pussies rolling around the floor claiming they had been hit by a shot gun. I personally followed my Dad into football playing at County level for Durham with plenty of cup wins and medals but no move to pro footy.

About Me Dave Plummer, life was relatively comfortable as both parents worked hard and fed the family,

Ladies, Alcohol & Motor Bikes arrived in my life, firstly Motor Bikes, competing in the British 125 & 250cc Championship, broken bones scars to prove but absolutely fantastic life both on & off the track.

I then moved into the car trade a junior mechanic but soon got sick of the tireless hours with no thank you at the end of the week, other than your “Pay Packet”.

I was then introduced into sales, this started off with cars where I felt there was something missing, well I then went for interviews in The Truck Business which is where life really took off, decent money whereby I didn’t care about a pat on the back as the money was really good, Selling great Heavy Trucks like the Scania 141, Volvo FH12/16 520BHP & Iveco, monsters of the road, I loved it.

Again I got itchy feet; one night sat in the local bar I overheard a conversation about a friend who was looking for some guys to work in Dover Kent in the UK, this was to build one of the largest underground tunnels in the world, between England & France, the money was stupendous and 2/3 days later I am in the back of a van down the tunnel, what an experience, 1st day on the site was to be suspended in a man carrying cage around 200mtrs in the air to be sent down a hole in the ground another 200ft into a black cavern with radio’s that we were not even sure would work that deep, we gets to the platform in pitch darkness to find we were on a landing area no bigger that the width of your kitchen bench, (I am Not Finished) then to be told it was another 1000 foot down and we are there walking round in complete black darkness, let’s say “Brown Under Ware”, I think we will leave it there, you get the picture.

About me Dave Plummer - a wide and varied life.

After my stint at the Channel Tunnel a turn for the worst, divorce, we had just adopted a beautiful daughter (Samantha) who was around 6 weeks old; being away from home was not good, Samantha has now become a mother herself with the arrival of Scarlett Edna Jean French 20/12/16, what a beautiful little lady, Graeme her husband works in the nuclear power plant industry, what a fantastic future they have, Samantha is also a Horsey Lady winning many Local & National riding events.

I should stop going in bars and hearing about people selling a business, over hearing a friend I knew what he did but I did not know anything about his business.

Well the rest is history as they say and around 30 days later I handed my notice in and I owned a Mortgage Brokerage, I was fortunate that I got a lot of help, I ran it with my Business partners Steve & Ian, we ran successfully for 13 years till the lights went out around the World in 2006/2007 when the World Wide property recession landed.

About Me Dave Plummer

I moved on to a completely diverse business, chauffeuring, meeting some great stars of football, hollywood & many personalities, this business didn’t last long, only 2 yrs, the need to stay alive and get some sleep over took the need for money, it was going to kill me, long days and late nights, along with no sleep, Good Night the End.

I have Beautiful Partner June (Nick Name) "Juney the Luney" Wow what a lady, hard worker running her own executive cleaning business, it's going great gun's from a cold start.

June is also the person who keeps me sane and stable, mainly because she is the thinker in this partnership, I feel we are great team with even more success not to far away!

We have lived together (suffered each others up's and the down's) for over 22 years both coming through difficult divorce, hey Let's Get Into Business and move on.

I have a brother Ian a few years younger than me who has always worked for Toyota Cars (all his working life) table tennis star in his youth and still professes to be good at it, even at his tender age.

Last but not least, Mum a Civil Servant, a beautiful lady and a fabulous mother, died a few years back of the Big C, a painful ending to a Lady who would not hurt a fly, RIP, xxx

To today, a budding entrepreneur/blogger, jump on board and “Let’s Get into Business”.