The Social Media Bubble

the social media bubble

The Social Media Bubble – Do We Need IT Or Are We Stuck With It.

The Social Media Bubble, is it a fact nowadays of the quick buck society we live in today and the garbage spewed out from Facebook or social media in general?

Let me say that as of late I have found Facebook full of adverts and junk, “If you have a Daughter and you love her Share This” well, of course, I love my daughter she is a beautiful 27-year-old Women and one of the driving lights as to why I am here.

With a business like this, there are many opportunities to grow, expand, promote or even start a new business completely from “The Get Go”.

With the World an ever-changing place full of uncertainty, the time is now right for change, job’s going at an unsustainable rate, interest on your money absolutely none existent, crime through poverty at the highest level ever, is it not time to take charge of your life and Make a Change for the Future!

Is it me or is social media just fantasy land and only the rich and famous get to spread their wings in this area.

Just look at things on the TV like “Made in Chelsea, The Kardashians, all no one’s who seem to make it because they are no one’s and shout the loudest.

The Social Media Bubble is responsible for more made up garbage than ever before, I believe this is caused by people who are lost, the ones who spend their lives on the sofa who never work, the ones with nothing better to do.

But, and this where the but comes in, social media is also one of the biggest growth area’s to build a following, now this then becomes a place where you must live, spread your word, ply your goods, your idea’s good or bad, this social media place then becomes your playground, with millions out there, it’s not difficult to imagine that if you have the right tools and know how this can be a magical place to meet new customers, find new business contacts and generally enhance your chances “in this raging bear pit of social media”, this is an excellent area for me to help you out, with my partners and team at Six Figure mentors we have the people in the back office with all the skills and absolute knowledge on social media, they will help with video tuition from live broadcast as well as recorded video.

An article by Dave Plummer on getting into the social media bubble, social standing, in social media.

The Social Media Bubble.

The Social Media Bubble – What’s In It For You?

One great example of social media in elections, most people decide on social networking with regard to suggestions about outcomes, well that’s good but not impossible to think who are these guys, you have never heard of them but then overnight they are all over social media.

The Social Media Bubble

It sounds to me that if you not surrounded by the social media bubble you could be losing out if you want to be well-known within and stay a prominent figure you need to have a social media strategy, SFM is the best at this with as much help as you need.

Of course, you may be a media expert, you would then be able to grow your skills within the Six Figure Mentors business as they are always looking for the best talent around, it’s a win-win for both sides, a bit like the saying “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.

Let’s ask the question here, what do you want from life, what is your gift and where can you use that gift to your best advantage, I would say find someone with the ultimate knowledge, who says the right things.

I am absolutely in no doubt, you have to be within the social media bubble as it has such a great spread, social media can launch your product to the market in the quickest possible manner, obviously, there are cost implications so your budget would determine how big your marketing campaigns will be.

I ask you this? if you were giving a blank piece of paper, what do you think of social media, where do you think you might be able to go with it, I am offering you an opportunity to partner with one of the best, we have skills and technology which no one else can offer, consider this, I need a business mentor or even brainstorming new business ideas, these are the skills of myself and Six Figure Mentors.

Hey don’t just take my word for it, take a look at some of the superb video’s on offer, and the best thing its all free of charge, yes you heard right FOC, now you can’t get better than that, the initial info is absolutely free.

For the very latest out of the box thinking join me – what you find may just switch on the lights to a whole new way forward – till we catch up again.

Thanks, Dave Plummer.

The Social Media Bubble

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