What Are Your Core Values

what are your core values

What Are Your Core Values, what do you value most? 

What Are Your Core Values, core values, you can make any choice you want but, lets face it, if you don’t have values within your business to rely on or even consider them worthy you will slip into the trap of wallowing round lost, wondering where to start, you must identify and discover your core and driving energies.

Values define what your business believes and how you would like your organization resonating, this must also be attractive to employees, your staff at a local level or anywhere in the world.

These core values must be so integrated with ones employees and their confidence systems, actions that will clients, customers, and vendors to embed these values into action.

Your values could be called guiding principles, they should be the back drop of who you will be, a cornerstone of your imagination and who you are hopefully going forward.

The core value’s are vital to build your Six Figure Mentors business.

If staff devalue your core beliefs in creating and building a motivated work place this will need to be stamped out immediately.

What Are Your Core Values, you can make any choice you want, what are your core values? 

Your values are the true belief in your accomplishment, how the business will move to the next level and what it will allow you to grow into at the next stage of expansion.

Inside your work space the employees within your office environment must blend together bringing forward the culture and incorporate there value to the business .

Remember this, value instilled by founder members of the company should resonate throughout the whole business platform, from the tea lady to the MD, this is where tremendous value shapes the organization’s culture.

This now leads to the very values of your Top People, they are vitally important and must see the company traditions along with it’s value’s.


The top people have a substantial amount of influence within your business, laying out the day to day action and being decision makers, these leaders set the tone in establishing the environment for individuals.

Dave Plummer speaks about what are your core values

What Are Your Core Values

What are your core values – which do choose as your core value.




What Are Your Core Values  How do you recognize them.

The goal here is, highlight the core belief and value, it isn’t “The Stuff” every business has stuff,
statements from the management should be produced to reflect the true value and culture of where the company is today and where it wants to move to in the future, not forgetting to embed the the team within the statement.

Value statements are designed to define precisely how you want your to behave among each other in the organization, they’re are a statement about how the firm will value customers, manufacturers, and its global family.

Willingness to interact with company values, an operation that comes with tried and tested methods that values staff input, within the office we want everyone to be motivational and bring out the very best potential, values which empowerment, perseverance, equal rights, discipline and accountability, if these are built into the culture of the your business I believe these are the very best motivational factors.

Many companies have a merry go round of managers and management, but ones who show the motivational skills will be the one’s who taste the very best cream, choose these members of staff over others who may be better suited with rewarding packages together with recognition of performance, you never know!

Value will bring change!

Working in a company that value’s inspired thinking will give you more confidence in making a thoughtful approach to risk.

You might identify and take care of the troublesome parts of the company, making you comfortable with decisions without the fear of your boss giving you hell

You get the best from your staff who live on being empowered, this will in time make them wise, you don’t want people who want you to hold there hand every step of the way.

Marketing and innovation are key factors, along with the benefits of coaching and mentoring.

Employees who don’t have vision or want empowerment will more than likely have a short term within your company, it will be your culture and lack of expectation that forces them out.

I am sure like me integrity is at the top of your list, employers who rely on staff being ultra honest and open, not playing games with internal strategy will always rise to the top, the weak will always loose.

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What are your core values

What Are Your Core Values

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