What Direction Will You Take

business direction, business directives, legal directives, business objectives.

What Direction Will You Take – The Wrong Decision Could Spell Disaster?

What Direction Will You Take, I know as a fact no matter where you look there is always someone wanting to kill your dream, nothing more so in business.

Looking at what direction will you take, where is your start point and where is your destination. In today’s modern technological world making valued and effective decisions has never been made easier.

We are surrounded by a plethora of decisions, life, money, children (if you have any – money eater’s I call them), the work-life balance as they call it, I call it your daily visit to the prison cell, exchanging money for parts of your life.

So what direction will you take?

As I have said, we are surrounded by the many daily decisions we have to make which can sometimes affect our brain, I do not mean affect it in a way that could damage it but in the way we process information. As we are all in most cases programmed by our parents and teachers to go out get a job, get married, buy a nice house and pay off your mortgage.

I am from a different generation of thinking, I wanted to be self-employed, self-expressed and I have worked damn hard to that end.

What Direction Will You Take, I have to admit it is a brave decision as for when you make the move your umbilical cord is completely cut, on your own to fight the world.

This is where myself and my partners want to help, Six Figure Mentors (SFM) are an Internationally recognised company who are as the name says, a mentoring people business, this is all based on the technologies of today and internet promotion.

The direction is a huge subject and one that can determine what and where your life will take you, with its challenges and along with all the beautiful successes that life can offer.

I have a beautiful daughter Samantha who has always been brought up around business and how to respect money, as we all know having and not having money can be fantastic and painful if it goes wrong.

I have never been pushy with her but I have always wanted her to go into business, I adopted Sam when she was around 6 weeks old, (now 27) Wow how the years have flown, married a few years back to Graeme who works in the nuclear industry, with the addition of a beautiful baby daughter 6 months ago Scarlett.

Now, why do I mention this you may ask? Well, choices really, as I have said I was never pushy with her toward business, but one evening over a brew we had a chat about her passions, Sam is very much a horsey lady competing at local and county level with excellent success.

Sam has decided to go into horse transport whereby I said once up and running you can then promote other ideas incorporated within this niche, grooming products, and everything horsey. (UK England North Yorkshire).


What Direction Will You Take – The Correct Direction Could be Life Changing.

business direction, business directives, legal directives, business objectives.

What Direction Will You Take

What Direction Will You Take, If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. – Lewis Carroll

I think what he trying to say is that it doesn’t matter which road you take, which decision you make as long as you are committed to that cause and give it your very best shot.

I believe not having a goal, even worse not knowing which direction you want to travel, this could leave you going nowhere and round in circles, be clear in your direction or become lost in the foggy haze of life.

As I have said previously with daughter Sam, it took a while for her to find a direction, she has found it actually on her doorstep. Sometimes we don’t see clearly when it is staring us clear in the face.

Look, reach out if you need any help with your direction, I am here to help.

I thank you for looking in at my post, I also hope it may have helped you with some life decisions, Thank you, Dave Plummer.

business direction, business directives, legal directives, business objectives.

What Direction Will You Take


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