What Is Your Next Dream Destination

My vision board, what is your next dream destination, valentino rossi, lewis hamilton, paradise.

What Is Your Next Dream Destination – Sandy White Beaches Come To Mind

Dave Plummer discusses through this article, what is your next dream destination, read on.......

Dave Plummer

What is your next dream destination, thinking about your next dream destination for me in most cases is a brain drain, it is always a balance between the bank and sensible, sensibility doesn’t enter my vocabulary too often?

I and my partner June are certainly beach type guys, the first opportunity we get together the next holiday fund and we are off like two excited kids.

You know your dreams of a better life are a vital part of your way to get your head around what actually needs to be in place to get changes underway, let’s be honest if you don’t have dreams what do we have left.

I have a lot of dreams, some have come true others haven’t, some have materialized into great idea’s that have turned into excellent projects. Dreaming is always a fictional thing of made up beliefs and what if’s, but what if you could make your dreams a reality.

What is your next dream destination, when I’m talking about destination it doesn’t have to be that dream holiday, that dream event, see that band you promised yourself, I personally always wanted to go and see David Bowie (RIP) sadly that didn’t happen which is a big regret of mine, I thought he was the greatest singer of all time and a fabulous songwriter.

What Is Your Next Dream Destination – Write Down Your Dreams

They say if you can’t visualize your future you will never see it materialize, a great tip is to go to the local stationery store and buy a medium size cork or pin board. I have used this to great effect, I have pictures of cars, my daughter, houses I would like, they could be on a beach or by the sea, they can also be anywhere in the world, it could be a picture of the latest mountain bike, the best Ferrari money can buy. This board is also well worth naming, my personal board is “My Vision Board”, it is fantastic, the reason I say this is that once I achieve the goal or vision I remove it or reposition it, moving the most important stuff to the top.

To be perfectly honest I am a person who likes fast, American Nascar, F1, Valentin Rossi in my book is the God of Gods, you may have other dreams to go and see other superstars in locations around the world, again I say write down your realistic goals, never think small, there is nothing wrong with writing down you want a 2 million pounds/dollar 6 bedroom home, you might want to go and see the sharks at the barrier reef in Australia, hey I would love that, see there is something else to go on the vision board.

What Is Your Next Dream Destination – Timing And A Desire To Do

My vision board, what is your next dream destination, valentino rossi, lewis hamilton, paradise

What Is Your Next Dream Destination

Practicality is always a good starter, all be I am a dreamer I am also a realist, sat here in our fabulous apartment in the very trendy and upmarket Marbella Puerto Banus southern Spain, you cannot help but dream, every other car is a Ferrari, Lambo or spectacular Bentley with the equally good looking bronze god inside, or even a blonde bimbo.

For me, this can only create inspiration, the thought of one day being in the club, with the elite of Spain mixing with the rich and famous.

I guess it’s down to one’s own desire to be successful, I understand not everyone wants to be a businessman/women, but having the business mentality will do no harm whatsoever, in fact, I would say it’s a must-have.

I have partnered up with a technology-based company who has helped me find ways to strive for better things in life, they do this simply by showing you the latest methods to get the internet and what it offers working for you.

We offer you the opportunity to see what we have, what is your next dream destination the material with everything you need to know, video tutorials, face to face problem-solving.

Sometimes even dreamers need help – help to set off the dream – make the first step.

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