Why Blogging Is Important

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Why Blogging Is Important – It Attracts A Bigger Base

Why Blogging Is Important, blogging, in general, s a great tool to promote an idea or business, giving instant visibility over many platforms.

Well firstly what is a Blog, a Blog is a written thought in letter form in most cases with headings and subtitles, giving a broad overview of whichever subject you are delving into.

Blogs are used by many National News Papers through their column’s to gain a huge audience very quickly either through paid subscription or free to all.

Whilst a lot of blogs deviate through a plethora of subjects I am a strong believer in staying within the boundaries of your niche or expertise, narrowed down to a tight niche, myself I like to talk about anything related to Blogs, Blogging and general writing on subjects of interest within my business arena.

Why Blogging Is Important, I have some excellent partners in Six Figure Mentors (SFM) they are an International Company I discovered in truth some years ago founded by Stuart Ross in the UK, I talked with Stuart for some time over the next few years but didn’t actually join SFM, being truthful what a lunatic I was for that mistake.

As I said a few years went past and a chance meeting with someone else within SFM got me thinking, I am now no further forward than a few years back, so it was the right time for me to change.

Back to Blogging

There are many reasons why people use blogging as a platform to get their message out, you can find every subject in World discussed on blogs, the reason behind this is the ease at which this can be done.

Believe me or not with the technology out there it is as easy as 123 to get your message out to millions in minutes, by the way, SFM can also help you will this as well.

I am no Tech Guy, if I can do it I am sure with a little bit of help and advice you can do it as well and as good as me if not better.

What I would like to help you with is making your idea or website a very valuable tool, once you have a good following with lots of contacts and email addresses this will one day become a very valuable piece of real estate, an asset that is scalable and very saleable.

You will see some huge Blogs changing hands for Millions of Dollars, one of the most surprising things is some of these are under 2 years old, some less than a year.

Why Blogging Is Important – It Brings Traffic

blog posts, daily blog, personal blog, blogging.

Why Blogging Is Important

Blogging nowadays plays a huge part in today’s society with online blog content growing massively and at a phenomenal rate, blogging most definitely builds your SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. Your new content is absolutely devoured by the top search engines, hungry for fresh new posts and topics which in turn helps get your site up the search rankings.

Why Blogging Is Important

Domain authority is what search engines like to follow, search engines just like a hungry lion always on the lookout for food, their food is content and lots of it.

A strong point about blogging it can attract people who you have never met or spoken with when they join and discuss your idea this can create backlinks which also help boost your sites ranking factors.

It’s as simple as this the more content the search engines like the bigger chunk of search results will come your way, this then boosts traffic, therefore, boosting revenue.

How Often Should You Blog

That is a good question, personally I blog every day sitting with pen and paper toying around with the latest big thing on the internet, it is always a great idea too if possible to throw in local content about your field or marketplace, this just shows you have your eye on your niche locally and nationally. How many times your blog is of course up to you but “the rule of thumb” is the more the merrier.

Trust Is Everything To Me

When finding a product or service you look for a business with credibility firstly, let’s face it we all know of the horror stories out there, it is vital you find evidence of address, genuine email, domain names, who owns them and does this tie in with what is on the website contact and ownership section. Putting your posts up and sharing them will give huge credibility building trust with your customers new and old.

I have to say if you got this far thank you for taking the time to visit, for now, speak soon, Dave Plummer.

Joining a community like Six Figure Mentors will give you some excellent tools to build your idea Big. 

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